80CC Bicycle Engine Kit, Motorized Bike 2-Stroke, Petrol Gas Engine Kit, Super Fuel-efficient for 24",26" or 28" Bicycle (Silver)

80CC Bicycle Engine Kit, Motorized Bike 2-Stroke, Petrol Gas Engine Kit, Super Fuel-efficient for 24″,26″ or 28″ Bicycle (Silver)

Jul 09,2020 22:31:08 UTC

★ Engine Mode: Single Cylinder, Air-cooling, 2-stroke

★ Chain Length: 110 links,55 inches

★ Rated Power: 2.5Kw/5000r/min(3 horsepower/5000r/min)

★ Max. Power: 3.5Kw/6000r/min(5-6 horsepower/6000r/min)

★ Ignition Mode: CDI

★ Compression Ratio: 6:01

★ Driving Ratio: 18:01

★ Fuel Type: No.90

★ Type of Sparking Plug: Z4C 14MM

★ Fuel Consumption: 120-170 MPG

★ Type of Clutch: Friction Plate / Dry

★ Speed Limitation:38km/hour

★ Color: Silver

★ Lubrication Oil: Motorcycle Synthetic 2 Stroke Oil

★ Mixing Ratio of Fuel and Engine Oil: 16:1 for Break Period(First 300 Miles), 25: 1 after

★ Net Weight: 23.15 lbs / 10.5 kg

★ Suitable for: 24″,26″ or 28″ Bicycle

✪【The Package Includes】:
★ 1x 80cc 2-stroke engine

★ 1x Carburetor

★ 1x Ignition coil & CDI

★ 1x Throttle handlebar set

★ 1x Throttle cable

★ 1x Clutch cable

★ 1x Kill switch

★ 1x Clutch lever

★ 1x Chain

★ 1x Chain cover

★ 1x 44T Sprocket W/ 9 Hole Clamp Pads

★ 1x Chain Tensioner

★ 1x Fuel tank, Fuel filter

★ 1x Gasoline fuel line

★ 1x Petcock

★ 1x Muffler

★ All the needed mounting brackets, gaskets, and hardware

✪1. A complete engine kit for converting your bike.
✪2.Heavy duty metal engine body for added durability. Super fuel-efficient, only consuming 2.5 litre fuel per 100km. Fast and smooth, can speed up to 38km/h. Comes with all needed hardware for easy installation.
✪3.Fit for most type 24″,26″ or 28″ Bicycle, such as mountain bikes, road bikes,cruisers, choppers. This 80cc petrol gas engine kit is used to upgrade the regular bike to a motorized bike. After converting your bike, you can enjoying riding at a faster speed, which can reach 38km/h.
✪4.Promote your bicycle performance by refitting! Maybe you need a new engine for more wonderful riding experience! So lucky for you to meet our IE47FA 80cc Bike Refit Engine Riding Assistant!
✪5.As to this item, it adopts first-rate steel material, of great strength and hardness for endurance. It comes with fuel tank, silencer, electronic igniter and other accessories for convenient operation.
✪6.All these gadgets are ensured for high quality and reliability. It is quite easy to refit your bicycle. Take action here!
✪7.If you are not satisfied with this product or if you have any question, please feel free to contact us. We would like to issue full refund if finally we could not resolve your problem or you are not satisfied with the result. 1.Go to your amazon account and find the order. 2.Click the seller name and enter the store page. 3.Click “Ask a question”.