Adult Road Bike, 24 Inch Lightweight Bicycle MTB Sports & Outdoors Bicycle for Adult Student

$295.70 - $228.30
Jul 23,2020 00:34:35 UTC

✔ The 24-inch bike, high carbon steel mountain bike frame and excellent welding technology combine to make it a durable and stable cruising bike. It can cope with hilly terrain, and the speed is very smooth.
✔ All-terrain wide knob mountain tires are located on lightweight and durable alloy wheels for added stability.
✔ Bicycles are ideal for high mountains and wasteland, and are also effective in places such as roads, trails, cities, beaches, or snow.
✔ Front and rear disc brakes can help cyclists stay safe even at high speeds and low terrain. You can also better control when and where to stop.
✔ The package includes free pedals and comfortable seats. Need to assemble. Necessities include all the tools needed to build and maintain your own bicycle.