Adult Tricycles 7 Speed, Adult Trikes 24 3 Wheel Bikes, Three-Wheeled Bicycles Cruise Trike with Shopping Basket Cargo Basket for Seniors, Women, Men

Jul 31,2020 20:08:36 UTC

Adult Tricycle 1/7 Speed 3-Wheel For Shopping W/ Installation Tools

Ten steel frame:

Made of high-strength steel, the frame is highly durable and stable, rust-proof and corrosion-resistant, supporting a total weight of 150 kg (330 lbs) for riders and cargo.

Seven-speed transmission system (7-speed tricycle)

The flexible rear derailleur allows you to change speeds freely and easily in any emergency. It also includes a 7-speed flywheel and a shift lever. You can use it with confidence.

Excellent front V brake

The front V and rear brakes of the tricycle will provide you with double protection. Double brakes allow the rider to park smoothly and intuitively.

Durable ”wheel

The three 24-inch wheels are equipped with fenders to keep the tricycle clean and tidy even in rainy days. In addition, the three-wheel design gives you extra stability.

Ergonomic rubber handle

According to people’s habits, ergonomic rubber adjustable handles are designed to ensure safety. For safety reasons, the bell on the right handle is safe. Need a simple operation.

Adjustable cushion seat

The oversized cushioned seat with spring is designed to ease your travel difficulties and provide you with a better ride. Simply adjust the height by turning the seatpost clamp.

Practical large basket

No longer need to worry about riding a lot of items. This bicycle with a large back basket can hold many vegetables, fruits and more. Ideal for picnics, shopping, entertainment, etc.


Brake: front V brake

color: White

Main material: high strength steel

Gross weight: 27 kg (59.5 lbs)

Load capacity: 150 kg (330 lbs) (by car and cargo)

Package size (length * width * height): 108 x 27 x 63 cm (42.5 x 10.6 x 24.8 inches)

1 x adult tricycle
1 x manual
1 set of installation tools

[Big Back Basket] – Easy to carry items with you. Ideal for leisure, shopping, sports or any time/place you want
[Sturdy and durable] 24-inch 3-wheel, high-strength steel frame, stylish color, load capacity: 150 kg (330 lbs), safe, easy to use, convenient
[Flexible rear derailleur] – Seven-speed shimano transmission system for easy and fast shifting. (Seven speed tricycle). Always riding our tricycles with ease
[Front and Front Brakes] – The front V brake stops immediately. The front and rear brakes provide you with double protection. The height-adjustable handlebar is made of high-quality rubber for comfortable grip and riding
[Wheels and Upholstered Seats] – Large wheels with fenders are elegant and practical. Soft, upholstered seats ensure a comfortable ride