AUBESTKER Handlebar Kickstand for Segway Ninebot, Adjustable Height – Release Knee Pressure – Safety Aceessories 1 Kit

Jul 15,2020 17:25:29 UTC

15 AUBESTKER Handlebar has a 3-in-1 function:
1.parking stand
2.segway rearview mirror
3. Hand control segway

Segway miniPRO miniLITE Ninebot S Handlebar Kit. The main body is aluminum alloy, will not rust, light weight, no distortion;
handle material for the silicone and paint iron. Gives stability and security for USER. Easy to install with all necessary tools included. No special tools required.

When taxiing, a steep mountain slopes, control the handlebar it is safe enough, will not cause you to lose control or be shut down. Although the roadway, vehicle vibrations, but the control handlebar can turn to the left or right, to maintain a balance.Relax your legs, easy to drive and increase Segway fun, Installation is very easy.
I believe you will love AUBESTKER Handlebar.

A SAFER (AND MORE INTERESTING) ALTERNATIVE – AUBESTKER Handlebar Is The Ultimate Segway Transformation Suite. Connect The AUBESTKER Handlebar To Any Existing Segway Or Ninebot For The Ultimate Rider Experience. AUBESTKER Handlebar Is Also Safer For Children Because It Provides Passengers With More Control And Less Risk Of Injury, Not Just Riding Segway. You Don’t Have To Worry About Kids Falling Off Their Hoverboards Anymore!
ALMOST COMPLETELY ASSEMBLED – Our Clients Spoke And We Listened To Opinions. We Have Eliminated Almost All Of The Components Because AUBESTKER Handlebar Is Up To 90% Fully Assembled. All You Have To Do Is Secure The Handlebar To The Segway Using The 2 Screws And Tools That Come With It. You Are Ready To Ride In 5 Minutes Or Less! We Also Provide Additional Screws For Future Use, So You Don’t Have To Buy Them Separately. Please Note That The House Price Does Not Include Segway.
ULTIMATE CONTROL AND MAXIMUM SAFETY – Segwayhanle For Ultimate Control. Accelerate With Confidence, Brake Quickly And Rotate With Ease. With Dirt Roads, Asphalt Roads, Grass, Stairs, Snow, And Rain, You Can Easily Control The Self Balancing Scooter.
COMFORTABLE AND ADJUSTABLE – Adjustable Height For Riders Of Any Height. Through Both Hands To Control The Segway- Front-Back-Left-Right, In The Process Of Driving For A Long Time, Release The Pressure On The Knee, Giving Children And The Elderly Extreme Comfort.
If You Don’t Absolutely Love AUBESTKER Handlebar Re turn The Kit For A 100% Full Re fu nd. Well Also Email You A Complimentary Extended 1 Year W arrant y Following Your Purchase