AUOPLUS Bike Lights USB Rechargeable, 800 Lumen Bike Headlight and Taillight Set, Super Bright LED Bicycle Lights Front and Back - Quick Release Cycling Safety Accessories for Men/Women/Kids

AUOPLUS Bike Lights USB Rechargeable, 800 Lumen Bike Headlight and Taillight Set, Super Bright LED Bicycle Lights Front and Back – Quick Release Cycling Safety Accessories for Men/Women/Kids

Jul 29,2020 23:21:15 UTC

Product Description

rechargeable bike lights front and backrechargeable bike lights front and back

AUOPLUS LED Bike Lights Set – Designed for Daily Riders Who Require Premium Visibility Day and Night.

The AUOPLUS Bike Lights Set with innovative safety features and extended run-time is perfect for adventure rides, commuting, touring and off-grid riding. The front bike light adopted high powered premium CREE LED which can deliver 800 lumen output on high mode and the headlight has also equipped with two amber sidelights that are distinct and easily recognizable by drivers, especially through crossings. Urban riders will appreciate the daylight blinking mode, scientifically designed to provide the highest level of rider awareness. Easily mount on almost any size handlebars with a mount bracket that provides enhanced grip and features quick release technology to remove in seconds. Aluminum alloy casing construction is unique in the market and exceeds the needs of daily riders. Both the headlight and taillight are properly sealed – meaning the light set is eligible to withstand elements. Commute with the added assurance knowing rain or shine the light will keep performing. Recharging is convenient with the included Micro USB cable. This powerful Light combo provides maximum safety riders rely on.

super bright bicycle lights setsuper bright bicycle lights set



Riding Safe, Day or Night

Daily commuting requires equipment that provides superior performance, in any condition, day after day. AUOPLUS blends powerful output with a safety feature set unmatched in cycling lights.

Runtime for headlamp: High(3.5h)/Medium(5h)/Low(12h)/Moonlight(40h)

Charging time for headlamp: 4 hours

Runtime for rear light: High(3h)/Medium(6h)/Low(12h)/Flashing(10h)

Charging time for rear light: 1 hours

AUOPLUS Super Bright Bike Lights Front and Back

– Stay Safe and Visible

Combining the powerful 800 headlight and the compact tail light, this bike light set provides top level performance and 360°visibility. Featuring multiple modes to maximize runtime, when it comes time to recharge just plug into an USB port with the included Micro USB cable. For daily riders that want premium visibility but a lighting setup that removes in seconds, this AUOPLUS Bicycle Headlight and Taillights Set is a perfect choice for you.

800 Lumen Output with high powered premium CREE LED

Two side lights improves rider’s awareness

Sidelights turn to red when headlight battery life drops below 20%

5 Brightness levels for front light: High(800Lumens)/Medium(480Lumens)/Low(160Lumens)/Moonlight(40Lumens)/Strobe

6 Brightness levels for rear light: High(50Lumens)/Medium(25Lumens)/Low(10Lumens)/Slow flashing/Strobe/Fast flashing

Mounting is a breeze and no tool required with the unique clip mount design

Quick release allows the removal of the lights in seconds

Water resistance design protects the lights from water immersion


How To Install The Front Light – Step 1

Wind the mount strap around the handlebar, and put the strap through the opening; securely tighten the dial.


How To Install The Front Light – Step 2

Clip the bike light to the mount until you hear a ‘click’; pulling out the light unit forward while pressing the clip to uninstall it.


How To Install The Back Light – Step 1

Hook the rubber band onto one side of the hook on the rear light


How To Install The Back Light – Step 2

Wrap the rubber band around seatpost or handlebar and secure the band onto the other hook on the rear light





bike light usb rechargeable

bike light usb rechargeable

bike light waterproof

bike light waterproof

bike led light bike headlight taillight

bike led light bike headlight taillight

USB Rechargeable

Stop Wasting Your Money on batteries! The bike led lights charge from your computer or any device with a USB port. Perfect for charging on-the-go.

Weatherproof Design

All metal casing and IPX4 design insures the cree bike lights withstand daily abuse. Great lighting solution for urban cycling, road biking or mounatin bike.

Quick Release

Quick release feature allows the removal of the light in seconds while leaving the mount holder on the handlebar. Convenient for recharging and anti-theft.

Bright and Visible- Our LED bicycle light fits most handlebars up to diameters of 28mm, great for riding on nights. With this light, you can see the situation of roads clearly without worrying the safety. Meanwhile, the back light can also be a visible spotlight, it can be attached to backpack/helmet/baby carriages, ect. It makes sure that you will be noticed in a dark place.
Rechargeable Bike Light-Comparing with AA battery lights, our LED lights can be charged which avoids carrying batteries all the time. It is also more friendly to our environment, with this USB cable, you can charge it on computers or chargers freely. The front light takes 4hrs to charge and the back one takes 1 hr, the notification light will shine in red.
5 Adjustable Light Levels- The headlight has 5 brightness levels which can be exchanged by pushing button and the lasting time of different light modes are :3.5hrs/5hrs/12hrs/40hrs/strobe.The taillight has 6 kinds of levels: high/medium/low/slow flashing/fast flashing as well as strobe. These modes can ensure that you will be noticed any time and greatly ensure your safety. NOTE:If you want to use the strobe function, pls push twice rapidly on the on button to get the strobe to work.
Water Resistant LED Lights- Cover with unibody aluminum alloy case, the material of the shell is waterproof which has reached IPX4 water resistant level. There is no worries about the lights will get wet by rains, waters or drinks spill by accident, Perfectly protect against splashing water from any angle.
Portable and Easy to Install- Mini size which is very easy to carry, you don’t need to worry about they will occupy much places. With some simple steps, no tools required. You can literally install each light in 5 seconds, either on the handlebars or the seat post. If you have any problems on installation, please contact us freely, we try our best to help you.