BAFANG Electric Bike Mid Drive Crank Motor BBS02B 36v 500w DIY Bicycle Conversion Kit 8FUN 500W Mid Motor Kit

BAFANG Electric Bike Mid Drive Crank Motor BBS02B 36v 500w DIY Bicycle Conversion Kit 8FUN 500W Mid Motor Kit

Aug 01,2020 05:47:07 UTC

The motor kits does not include the battery, please purchase it seperately. We have special offer for the battery, please add to the baskets.

n0 (Rpm): 120/126
nT(Rpm): 113/118
Max Torque: 100 N.m
Efficiency (%): ≥ 80
Pedal Sensor: Speed
Shaft Standard: JIS
Color: Black
Weight (kg): 4.3
Noise Grade (dB): < 55
Operating Temperature: -20-45℃
E-Brake: Yes
Gearsensor Function: Yes
Light Drive Capacity (DCV / W): 6 /3(max)
Magnet Poles (2P): 16
IP: IP 65
Certifications: ROHS
Salt Spray Test Standard(h): 96

✧Packing List
1. Bafang 36V 500W Motor 2. Brake levers( Or hydraulic sensors, email us please)
3. LCD display— 500C/C965/C961/850C/750C/C18/860C/P850C/SW102/800S/750C With Bluetooth function( Only for IOS 9.3.5+ systems on iPhone)— Optional
4. EB-BUS water-proof cable(1 to 4 cable)
5. Chain wheel with chainring plastic guard ( 44T/46T/48T/52T)—Optional
6. A pair of Cranks
7. Thumb Throttle
8. A set of Lock Nuts
9. Speed sensor and magnets
10. 68 mm- 73 mm installing extra parts(Gaskets) as gifts
11. A headlight and a power extension cable as gifts
12.Installation manual( Scan code to get the installation video )

✧Warm tips:
1. Recommend to use a 36V battery to a 36V motor. Using a battery higher than 36V maybe shorten the life of the motor.
2. Assuming the other conditions are the same, the smaller the chain ring, the easier you pedal.
3. About how to measure bottom bracket. You will find the answer Measuring the bottom bracket shell width only, without any bearings or other pieces. For more help you can search on Google or Youtube.
4.The difference of bar, shifters and brakes don’t make a difference on the installation of the mid-drive motor.
5. Feel free to email us and reply within 24 hours. Just for a better service.

[Easy Installation] — Can be successfully installed into an electric bicycle in just a few time by only a few tools which can remove the crankset and the center shaft, as well as tools for installing this mid-drive motor.
[Standard JIS] — Fit a standard JIS 68 – 73 mm bottom bracket (installing extra parts Gaskets as gifts), please see the installation image carefully. Suitable for mountain bike, road bike, commuter bike. This motor maybe can’t be installed on fat tire bike. NOT recommended to apply this motor to bikes with carbon fiber frame in case of damaging the frame.
[Two riding mode] — Electric bikes & pedal bicycle, faster traffic & physical exercise can be achieved at the same time. The wonderful choice for cycling enthusiasts and those who want faster traffic to transport or travel.