best folding electric bike for commuting

Best folding electric bike for commuting – 5 choices

If you are new to cycling or electric bikes then you may have decided that a folding electric bike would be an ideal choice to get to and from work.

They are a great way to get fit and the savings that can be made from not buying fuel for a vehicle or paying fares for public transport can be significant.

But which is the best folding electric bike for commuting? After searching around we’ve selected 5 electric bikes that are great for getting to and from the office. We share here what we found.

best folding electric bike for commuting

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How to choose the best folding electric bike for commuting

When you are looking to choose the best bike for commuting to and from work there are a few things that you need to consider:

  • Size. Is the bike big enough for you and will you be comfortable when riding it? Most electric bikes have adjustable saddles and handlebars, just like regular bikes and you should check that the height of the bike is suitable for you.
  • Range. Electric bikes are powered by rechargeable batteries. The distance that a bike can travel before it needs recharging varies according to the make and model of the bike. You should check that the bike can easily travel the distance that you need while also bearing in mind that lights will also need power and this can affect the range. The higher the range the better.
  • Charging time. Batteries take time to charge and again, this varies from model to model. Look for a bike that has the range that you need with a short charging time.
  • Ease of use. You will no doubt want a bike that is easy to use and fold down. Many folding electric bikes come with a carry bag which allows you to store the bike nicely and, should you need to use other forms of transport, carry the bike with you. Check how easy it is to fold the bike and things such as weight, carry bags etc.
best folding electric bike for commuting

5 Best Folding Electric Bikes for Commuting

Here we look at the 5 best folding electric bikes for commuting.

Each review will contain a list of pros and cons with a key benefit to each bike to help you to make a smooth and easy decision.

In doing so you’ll easily figure out which folding bike is suitable for you.

1. YAMEE Fat Bear - Fastest Bike

The YAMEE Fat Bear is an all terrain, folding electric bike that is suitable for use on all surfaces, on or off road – ideal for those badly repaired roads on the daily commute.

With an 8 speed gearbox this bike has a lightweight solid aluminium frame and can reach speeds of 28 MPH.

This is a powerful, easy to use, folding electric bike that is pre-assembled and is ready to go when delivered.

Fastest folding electric bike!

Key Features:

  • 48V 500W Brushless Electric Motor.
  • 11.6 AH Removeable Lithium Battery.
  • Speed up to 28MPH with 80 mile range.
  • 100% Aluminium Alloy Lightweight Foldable Frame.
  • 2 Year Warranty.



  • Sturdy and lightweight
  • Folds down easily for carrying
  • Good speed and range
  • Good value
  • Saddle takes some getting used to as it is a little firm

We think that this is a great electric bike. It is a good size which helps to create prescence on the road.

The sturdy aluminium frame looks good and the easy fold mechanism means that the bike can be stored quickly and conveniently.

Fat tyres and 8 gears provide great ability for both on and off road riding whatever the conditions.

This step through style bike is ideal for those those that are looking for more of a moped feel with a softer saddle.

An ideal communter bike this step through is also powerful enough to transport a passenger where local laws permit.

A solid bike with an almost 1970s retro look this comfortable machine is suitable for all terrains and weather.


Superb comfort levels!

Key Features:

  • Powerful 750W Motor.
  • 11.6 AH Removable Lithium Battery.
  • 4 Inch Wide Fat Tyres.
  • Long Padded Seat.
  • Adjustable Handlebars.
  • Room for a passenger.



  • 7 Speeds
  • Pedal Assist for more power
  • Solid and well built
  • Step through design
  • Very comfortable seat
  • A backrest is needed for a passenger this has to purchased separately

We love the retro styling of this bike and think that it looks great. The saddle is one of the best and most comfortable that we’ve seen, it is almost like a motorcycle seat and there is room for a passenger.

The fat tyres provide a comfortable ride and make the bike suitable for all terrain and weather conditions.

The 7 speed gearbox is great and combined with the pedal assist make this into a capable electric bike.

This is a powerful electric bike that comes with a high powered 1500W motor that means the bike can travel at good speeds easily.

The bike can be used 3 ways, with a twist throttle for the motor, pedal assist or pedals only with the motor switched off.

The bike has a seven speed gearbox with dual suspension, fat tyres and hydraulic disc brakes front and rear.

Perfect for commuting and off road use whichever your need.

All the power you will need!

Key Features:

  • 1500W Electric Motor 48V 13Ah Battery
  • 7 Speed Gearbox
  • Carbon Steel Front and Rear Suspension
  • Smart Bike Computer
  • USB Charging Port for Phones and other Devices



  • Easy to assemble
  • Comes with tool kit
  • Powerful motor
  • Disc brakes
  • Onboard computer
  • Okay if you are under 6 feet tall and taller and it might be too small

A good, powerful bike that comes with a choice of motor sizes. Capable of being used on or off road but not suitable as a mountain style bike.

Capable commuter bike that is comfortable and has a good battery life combined with a good turn of speed.

The Swagtron is a great commuter bike that folds up 3 times turning it into a small and compact package that is easy to carry, put in a car or under your desk at work.

It is produced from reinforced materials which makes it strong enough for riders weighing up to 260 pounds.

15.5 miles range and totally adjustable to suit all riders this is a good, compact commuter bike for people of all abilities and ages.

Tiny when folded up!

Key Features:

  • Pre-assembled, use direct out of the box.
  • Height adjustable for adults and teenagers.
  • 14 inch wheels with air filled tyres and quick release power lines.
  • 15.5 mile range.
  • 4 hours charging time.



  • Versatile – suitable for adults and children.
  • Light and portable.
  • Small size when folded up.
  • Powerful and good on hills.


  • The pedal assist is not adjustable so you get full assistance when you pedal.

We enjoy the versatility of this electric bike, the range of adjustment means that it can be easily used by all family members from children to adults with a few height alterations which are fast and easy to make.

When this bike is folded up it is tiny. The amount of space that it takes up when folded is one of the smallest that we’ve seen.

Capable and value for money commuter bike if you don’t have to travel long distances.

The Qualisports Folding  Electric Bike comes completely assembled, all you do is connect the battery and off you go.

A small lightweight bike it comes supplied with a sturdy carry bag making it portable and easy to carry around.

The bike features a 250W high speed motor that can propel you along at 16 MPH ideal for a daily commute or ride out for fun.

Best Value Folding Electric Bike!

Key Features:

  • Aluminium alloy construction.
  • 250W brushless motor producing 40Nm torque.
  • Front and rear disc brakes.
  • Lights and tools included.
  • Carry bag.
  • 1 year warranty.



  • Long lasting battery
  • Easily folds down into compact size
  • Sturdy
  • Light and portable
  • Good spread of power from the motor.
  • Seat may be a little high if you are under 5 feet tall.

This is a fun commuter bike that is surprisingly powerful for a small motor.

It folds down into a small size and the included carry bag is a great bonus if you decide that you don’t want to cycle home. Just fold the bike and put it into the bag.

Good value for money and ideal for getting to and from work or for popping out to do a few jobs.


There are a lot of folding electric bikes available and finding the best folding electric bike for commuting can be a challenge particularly if you are new to to cycling or electric bikes..

Our review has looked at the best 5 folding electric bikes and we’ve chosen a variety of situations to give you as broad a view as possible to help you to make the right decision for your cycling and commuting needs.

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