Board Blazers LED Underglow Lights for Skateboards, Longboards, Scooters – Original Skateboard Accessories – Great Gift for Skateboarders

Aug 30,2020 16:15:44 UTC

Product Description

Instantly blaze your board with the original fully-customizable LED underglow skateboard lights! Designed for tricks or cruising in style and safety, Board Blazers cast super-bright, colorful ground effects beams. Works with all types of skateboards, longboards, self-balancing scooters, and kick scooters. Ultra-lightweight and concealed until you twist them on, Board Blazers are the classic way to light up your board and hold up to grinds, slides, flips, and big air. Plus, our Skate 2 Donate campaign gives to Pipeline Worldwide for every set sold.

Available in 8 blazing colors. Combine multiple color combos to instantly personalize your board, show your team spirit, or represent your school. Simply attach the lights where you want and go – no board disassembly or screws required, and no wires or heavy batteries to slow your roll. Our new custom-designed, industrial grade adhesive made in the USA locks down the lights the without damaging your deck. Each package includes 4 twist on/off lights of the same color, specialized adhesive pads, a skate sticker, and long-lasting, easily-replaceable mini CR2032 coin cell batteries (replacements sold here). Makes a perfect gift!

NOTE: Skateboard not included.

The Original LED Underglow Board Lights

Our Story: It all began on the ASU campus one night in 2011, when a student spotted a skater who had duct-taped bulky Christmas lights to his skateboard. Inspired, the young entrepreneur risked his personal savings to create the original fully-customizable LED underglow board lights, and the idea quickly took off.
Since then, Board Blazers have been sold in all 50 U.S. states and 49 countries around the world, and become the classic way to instantly customize your board. We pride ourselves on personal customer support, high-quality design, and constant product improvement. Always innovating, expanding into new markets, and promoting skate culture, we continue to thrive on our early entrepreneurial spirit.

Designed for Tricks

Place the lights under the trucks to grind, flip, and slide in style. The top choice of kids and pro skaters for the street and skatepark. 

Cruise in Style & Safety

Combine different color packs to instantly personalize your ride, show your team spirit, or represent your school. Plus, make yourself visible to drivers while blazing through the night. 

Instantly Customize Your Board

Includes long-lasting, easily-replaceable mini CR2032 button cell batteries. Extended 30-hour battery life keeps you moving. 

New and improved, our custom-designed, industrial grade adhesive made in the USA locks down the lights the without damaging your deck. No tools or screws needed — simply twist on the lights and go. 

Our 3 Pack Gift Set arrives ready to roll in a stylish gift box with a bow. Present it yourself, or we’ll ship it directly to your best bud! 

NEW IMPROVED CUSTOM ADHESIVE: This brand new industrial grade adhesive is custom designed and manufactured in the USA to keep these LED lights secure.
STAY VISIBLE AT NIGHT: Light up the night while riding with these classic skateboard lights. Other people will watch and stare as you glide by!
RIDE IN STYLE: Attach these skateboard lights to the bottom of your board to instantly light up any skateboard, longboard, roller skates, or scooter!
DESIGNED FOR TRICKS: Easily attach these LED skateboard lights under the skateboard trucks to grind, flip, and cruise at night.
PERFECT GIFT & BATTERIES INCLUDED: Compatible with skateboards, longboards, roller skates, and scooters! We support our products 100%. Return for any reason, forever! SKATEBOARD NOT INCLUDED