BRIGHT GG ebike with Removable 36V 10AH/48V 12AH Lithium Battery, Lock and Charger(22"/26")

BRIGHT GG ebike with Removable 36V 10AH/48V 12AH Lithium Battery, Lock and Charger(22″/26″)

Aug 02,2020 12:00:08 UTC

Product Description


For many years, NAKTO electric bicycles have not only been committed to innovation, cutting-edge technology and high-quality materials, but also to provide high-quality electric bicycles to meet the various needs of users, as well as eager to explore sports and outdoor life. I believe that you love sports, choose NAKTO electric bicycle is your best choice!!!

If you want to find some new routes to expand your bike route and hope to find the right electricbike on the road, then NAKTO electric car is a good choice, using high quality materials, ultra-durable aluminum frame, light weight is very suitable You are riding every day.


There is a trip called a bicycle trip. It has no extravagant preparations, only a brave back seat and a heart that you want to go, a bicycle can make your dreams go very far.
Some people say that they like to feel on the road, they can ride freely, want to go and leave, and want to stop. I don’t care about the end of the ride, I care about the scenery along the way and the mood of the scenery.
Now you can carry your bicycle with you, NAKTO ebike can be folded perfectly in seconds, so you can store it perfectly in the trunk of the car, bring it to the office, and always stay with you anywhere.


Frame style

26″ ultra-durable aluminum frames, light weight, not easy to rust, no rot, larger and stronger frame to help you carry extra weight, create with heart, reduce your daily worries.Within one year from the date of first purchase, the manufacturer’s materials and workmanship are warranted to be free from defects.
Note: In order to avoid collision and damage during transportation, the power-assisted bicycle has completed 95% assembly before shipment, while assembling the front wheel and handlebar.


Durable tire

The 26-inch large and thick tire material gives the tire greater grip when riding, more comfort, and better shock absorption. Large tires can carry more weight and reduce your daily troubles. The car is a good choice for you.

500w motor

500w motor





500W Motor

It is a 500W high performance brushless motor with more powerful features and longer cycle times. It’s faster and you can run farther.

LED Display

Battery, speed, mileage, six-speed shifting are easier to ride, so you can enjoy freedom while riding.

48V 12A Battery

48V 12AH battery ensures long-term use, allowing you to ride the power all the way, giving you a rich experience.

👍High-quality materials-The electric bicycle is made of high-strength carbon steel frame, the front fork is made of high-strength carbon steel, built-in high-quality comfort shock absorption, larger and stronger frame, helping you carry more weight, create comfort and reduce your daily life and upset.
🚲High-speed system-500W high-speed motor and detachable 48V 12AH lithium-ion battery enable the bike to reach 35MI/H speed, providing first-class acceleration. Under ideal conditions, you can drive 45-55 miles on a single charge. With headlights for safe riding.
👨‍⚕️Perfect design-High-quality cushion/buffered design makes you ride for a long time without being tired. Electric bicycles have high-end digital meters and efficient electric headlights. Bright headlights ensure you have a safe night.
👌Offers 3 modes of operation-electric bicycles and auxiliary bicycles and regular bicycles. Are you tired of a day’s work? “Electric Bicycle” will take you home. If you want to exercise, you need to guarantee speed. You can switch “Assisted Bicycles”. Note: For your safety, please do not let the water flood the battery and go home quickly.
🥇Warranty Service – Electric bicycles and batteries are guaranteed for 1 year. During the warranty period, customers can use electric bicycle parts free of charge. Note: “Pre-installation” To avoid collisions and damage during transportation, the electric assisted bicycle has been assembled 95% before shipment and is equipped with front wheels and handlebars.