Dual Purpose Scooter Handlebar for miniPRO miniLITE Ninebot S Scooter with Phone Mount, Handle Bracket with Knee Control, Self Balance Hoverboard Handle Bar Handle Bracket

Jul 14,2020 04:58:21 UTC

Do you know the red steel base?
Many users complain about difficult installation. The main reason is the red steel base on the front bottom of the miniPRO cannot remove. Here we offer some effective ways to help.

After you take the screws out of the base, you can:
1. Use the some TLC to remove adhesive on the stem, and use the wooden wedges to pry it loose.
2. Use the kneebar to pry it loose by Lever Principle.
3. Vertically pull and shake the red base, use the scooter’s own gravity to separate.

Your miniPRO / miniLITE / Ninebot S cannot self-balance after installation
Some users say the scooter will roll forward when you extend the handlebar to the maximal height, we advise you can try to recalibrate it on the APP
according to the height. And use the kickstand to park your hoverboard like the bicycle. If you’re interested, please refer to the scooter kickstand in
our store. (ASIN: B07M6CGCCB)

Product Description:
Color: Black / White
Material: Aluminium alloy
Adjustable Height: 86-106 cm / 33.85-41.73 inches

Suitable For:
MiniPRO miniLITE Ninebot S Electric Scooter Hoverboard

Package Included:
1 x Silicone Phone Mount
1 x Change Over Bar (Adaptor)
1 x Set of Screws and Hex Key
1 x Compartment of Hand Control Handlebar
1 x Compartment of Knee Control Handlebar (Optional)
DUAL PURPOSE: Adjustable handlbar is easy disassembly to switch between handlebar and knee controller. It works well to completely replace the factory-provided knee controller. Our unique adapter with the popup button is easily clamping the knee bar or the handlebar if you want.
COMPATIBLE MODLE: Scooter handle bracket is a perfect addition to the miniPRO miniLITE Ninebot S for those who like stability, flexibility, and unmatched control. More comfortable then knee controller. But you have to ensure you’re able to remove original bar / red steel base from your hoverboard.
PLEASE READ CAREFULLY BEFORE PURCHASING: Hard to remove the Red Steel Base / knee bar from the miniPRO / Ninebot S is quite a common problem. Get a friend to help in this annoying part! We offer some effective way in the below description, it may help.
ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT: The hand control handlebar with the adjustable height means anyone can ride. Foldable and contracted to accommodate a variety of riding postures. 86-106 cm / 33.85-41.73 inches you can adjust the height, BUT, you need to recalibrate the balancing on the APP after installation.
SUPERIOR QUALITY: The Scooter Handlebar is made of aluminum alloy of high quality paint spraying, sturdy and durable. Detachable silicone phone mount compatible with any smartphone with a screen size between 4 to 6.5 inches. Seway offer 30-days money back of quality guarantee.