eAhora X5 Pro 4.0 Fat Tire Folding Electric Bicycle 20 inch 500W Electric Bikes for Adults 48V 10.4Ah Cruise Control Snow Beach Electric Bike Lithium Battery Smart E-PAS Power Recharge System 7 Speed

eAhora X5 Pro 4.0 Fat Tire Folding Electric Bicycle 20 inch 500W Electric Bikes for Adults 48V 10.4Ah Cruise Control Snow Beach Electric Bike Lithium Battery Smart E-PAS Power Recharge System 7 Speed

Jul 30,2020 05:22:37 UTC

Product Description



We are Team Eahora, an electric bicycle creator aiming to invent the smartest, the most stylish and strengthened e-Bike for you, for fun, and for proud!

Cycling is a great sport. Electric bikes will keep you active, allow you to enjoy the sport of biking, and most importantly enjoy the outdoors. We yearned for the harmony that e-Bike brings to life, it has been increasingly regarded as a green alternative to polluting vehicles.

As a professional electric bicycle company, we continue to optimize our electric bicycles and develop new products. Our aim is to make high-quality and cost-effective electric bicycles so that more and more people can join in healthy life. More and more people can experience the convenience, happiness and environmental protection of low-carbon life brought by cycling. Nowadays, cycling has been favored by more and more people, and it has become popular as a healthy and fashionable sport. Taking your Eahora and riding like a KING!


E-BIKE: X5 Pro

Cruise Control: YES! Electric Lock: YES!

Frame: Eahora 20’’*16.5’’ Aluminum Alloy Manual Smooth Welding

Suspension: Alloy Lock-Out Suspension Travel:100MM

Throttle Type: Twist Throttle TZ500-7 48V twist speed control

E-DRIVE: 500W / E-PAS(a system can make range up to 80 miles ) Speed: 25 mph to 30 mph depends on Power, PAS level, load, terrain and weather.

Battery: Samsung 2600*52, 48V 499.2Wh Range: 45 miles to 80 miles depends on riding mode, load, terrain and weather.

Charger: 48V 2A DC Charging Time: 4 to 5 hours

Display: M5 LCD Dashboard, Waterproof

Freewheel: SHIMANO 7-speed; FD: SHIMANO TX-50 ; RD: SHIMANO RD-YT300

Cassette: CS-M2009, 7S, 14-28T Brake: Tektro M280, Mechanical Disc Brake, 160mm rotors

Tyre: CST 20″*4.0″60TPI Chainwheel: Alloy 46T

Pedal: Wellgo Aluminum Alloy Foldable Saddle: Eahora Sport Seatpost: Eahora Aluminum Alloy

Maximum load: 330lbs Rider’s height: 5’3’’-6’5’’

Color: Army Green, Dark Blue, Black, Gray


Q:How can I use the cruise control function?
A: Keep a speed for 8s under ELECTRIC MODE to turn on the CRUISE CONTROL function, FREE your fingers!
Q: What is the electric lock?
A: Electronic lock is a function added by Eahora in order to enhance the anti-theft level of the product. After using the electronic lock, the power cannot be turned on and the throttle cannot be used. Tips: Since electric bicycles have the riding characteristics of conventional bicycles, please remember to lock the tires.
Q: How does E·pas work?
A: Ride faster, over 15 mph at PAS 0/1 for longer thanks to the energy regeneration tech that automatically charges the battery for 20% power as you ride. The intelligent sensor engage the E.pas system to regenerate 60% energy when you’re going down hill without energy consumption.
Does E·pas disrupt the charging cycles of the battery?
No, it doesn’t. Due to the characteristics of lithium batteries, lithium ions will crystallize after the power is exhausted, thereby blocking the electrode rods, resulting in a decrease in the electrolyte and a decrease in the activity of the lithium ions. This is the main reason for the shortened life of lithium batteries after repeated charging and discharging. The correct way is to charge in time, don’t wait for the power to run out before charging. E·pas power regeneration technology is to keep the lithium ion activity at any time which will increase instead of reducing the battery life.







Full alumi

Full alumi

Front Suspension

5W bright LED headlight with one key control.
M5 LCD Display shows everything you want.
Bike total weighs 64 lbs with the battery and max load 330 lbs.

Fat Tires

CST 20”*4.0” front and rear fat tires with wider rims for ultimate comfort.
Minimized risk of puncture with enhanced safety on the road.
All terrain: Wet stone, muddy paths, sand beach or snowy hills.

Foldable Frame

Full aluminum alloy mechanical front fork. Travel: 100 mm
Suspension absorbers effectively filter out vibrations during bumpy road sections and improve the riding comfort.
15 inches aluminum alloy frame with a convenient carrying holder.
Three-step to fold X5 Pro and save your space.
Come with fenders and rear rack.

Fenders and Rear Rack

Come with fenders and rear rack.







Mechanical Brakes

Tektro F&R mechanical disc brakes.
Responsive braking power.
160mm rotors.

Upgraded Transmission

SHIMANO 7-speed freewheel with DERAILLEUR GUARD.
Alloy cranks and sprocket.
Wellgo aluminum alloy pedals, foldable

Crossbar & Saddle

Twist throttle is easy to control. Rubber anti-skid handle.
Soft saddle ensures safer riding.
Providing rider enough space to move around.
Prevent slipping in an aggressive stance.


Eahora X5 Pro offers a variety of colors to match your style and frames to fit your comfort.

Eahora X5 Pro never blocks you, whether it’s off-road hills, jungle trails or city roads, snow and beaches.

It’s also built to let you push your limits: Go ahead and venture off the beaten path. It’s your ride to ultimate freedom.

🏆Powerful Motor & Shifter-Up to 500W High speed brushless rear Motor provide strong power. Top speed of X5: 28MPH(Rider weight<220LBS ,flat road and full power). Bike Max Load: 330LBS. Switching gears on different roads makes riding easier and saving energy. SHIMANO 7 SPEED SHIFTER works in both electric and pedal assist modes. Come with fenders and rear rack.Using Twist Throttle and Switching gears on different roads make riding easier and saving energy.
🏆Intelligent Cruise Control-Keep a speed for 8s under ELECTRIC MODE to turn on the CRUISE CONTROL function, FREE your fingers!E-Tech Power Regeneration allows your bike to have 60 to 80 miles mileage(> 15 mph at PAS 0/1 or going downhill without energy consumption), optimizes the efficiency of the ECO system and extends the lifetime of battery and motor.X5 Pro is equipped with Electronic anti-theft lock and Smart LCD Screen.
🏆Lasting Battery Life-48V 10.4A battery with reliable imported high-density Samsung lithium Cells. The battery hidden in the frame can be locked, removed and recharged at home and office. Charging time: About 4-5 hours(turn off the power immediately after fully charged to protect the battery). Over 1000 circles recharging. Offers assisted travel of up to 55 miles per charge. We also provide battery capacity upgrade services.
🏆Fully Sturdy Frame-Eahora X5 Pro is a powerful and cost-effective All-terrain e-bike. High-strength and corrosion-resistant Folding Frame with Excellent Front Alloy Suspension. Anti-puncture, Anti-slip 20 inch*4.0 Fat Tires. Its shock absorption equipment and All-terrain tires allow your unimpeded ride on rough roads. Come with Eahora custom Fenders and Rear Rack. Easy to fold and store- corner, trunk or RV. Happy traveling!
🏆Bike Configuration-85% pre-assembled. It’s not difficult to finish assembly by yourself—Watch video instruction.We pay great attention to every detail of each component, ergonomic crossbar, adjustable seat and stem, and mechanical brakes. The Headlight will Automatically Light Up at night. THREE RIDING MODES SWITCH EASILY for enjoying a long time travel, and also exercise. With one-year service for the electric motor, battery and the charger, you’ve no worry about using it.