Electric Scooter Tires, Off-Road Pneumatic Tires, 255×80 Snow Tires, High Non-Slip, Wear-Resistant and Comfortable, Suitable for Scooter Tire Replacement,Easy Install

Oct 28,2020 20:21:13 UTC

Wheels for Tire Cover Tyre
provide Tires of various sizes. Inflatable tires, honeycomb solid tires, wheels, motors and all other accessories.

Features: Thick, high abrasion resistance, non-slip
Units for sale: A: inner tube + outer tube (1 set); B: snow tire (inner tube + outer tube, 1 set)
Specifications: 255×80
Model: Inflatable tire
Level: 4
Maximum load: 85 kg
Maximum air pressure: 340KPA (50P.S.I)
Size: Reference picture
Applicable type: tire replacement of the same model of electric scooter

●It is made of high-quality rubber material to make the best combination of various raw materials to prolong the service life of the tire. With rubber grooved surface, it provides excellent grip, non-slip and wear-resistant, explosion-proof and pressure-resistant, lightweight and durable, while reducing rolling resistance . Guaranteed beautiful appearance.
●Thick outer tires can provide good shock resistance and cushioning capacity. Butyl rubber inner tires provide good air tightness, heat resistance, aging resistance, and good resistance to chemicals. Electrical insulation performance and long service life provide maximum protection for your safe travel.
●Easy to install, compared to solid honeycomb tires, it is easier to install and disassemble, saving time and improving efficiency for you Widely compatible with tires of the same model. Please refer to the picture before ordering to confirm the size and compatibility of the tire.
●Note: Before the inner tube is tested for leaks, please contact the online customer service immediately to arrange for replacement. Thank you for your support and understanding.