Electric Skateboard ESC Kit, 10S 36V Single Drive ESC Substitute Control Mainboard with Remote for DIY Electric Skateboard Longboard

Aug 26,2020 10:46:48 UTC

Single Motor Drive ESC:
Rated Voltage: 36V
Current: 12A
Power: 430W (36V)
Rotate Speed: 3000rpm
Max Speed: 35km/h
Drive Mode: FOC
Sensing Mode: Hall
Max Load Bearing: 120kg
Protection: Over-voltage, Under-voltage, Overheat, Stall, CW/CCW, Overcurrent, Speed Control

Package List:
1 * Control
1 * Remote Control Transmitter
1 * LED Battery Indicator
1 * Switch
1 * USB cable

How to choose the right controller:
1. Confirm how much voltage your battery is 6 string battery is 25.2V 7 string is 29.4V 10 string battery is 36V
2. Confirm the type of motor, external motor chain, belt drive, belt type controller, hub motor, motor integral wheel. Please select the controller of the wheel type.
3. Confirm single drive or four drive. One controller drives a motor to be a single drive. One controller drives two motors to be a double drive. One controller drives four motors to be four-wheel drive.

1. The driver board is a high-precision circuit board. Do not touch the metal object/liquid to the board before and during use to avoid internal short circuit! 24V ESC must use a voltage above 24V, the maximum voltage can be used is 29.4V (the ESC won’t work below 24V). 36V ESC must use a voltage above 36V, the maximum voltage can be used is 48V (the ESC won’t work below 36V).
2. Do not connect motor lines in parallel to allow single drive to drag two motors.
Made of high quality chip and electronic components, single drive design can offer excellent and stable performance.
The solid structure of mainboard can greatly lengthen the service life. With remote receiver module, so it supports remote control.
The well-organized circuit board is easy to install, but needs professional skills.
This electric longboard skateboard control system has EMP control module with remote module, it can do as ESC do.
With over-voltage, under-voltage, overheating, over-current​ protection, safe and reliable to use, supports speed control, easy to use. With a LED indicator that displays signal status, speed modes, battery percentage.