enskate R2 Electric Ekateboard Long Board Electric Shortboard with Remote Controller,Dual Motors, 8 Layers Maple with Updated Board

$599.00 - $399.00
Jul 28,2020 20:21:41 UTC

Electric skateboard, a new choice of commute, casual going out and entertainment. Powerful motor and large capacity battery ensure your trip perfect. remote control could help to control the speed based on you want Max speed could be 22 MPH

Specification: Max range of 15 miles, top speed 22mph, uphill 20%, 90mm high elastic wheels, precision forged trucks of lower gravity, compose decks of 2 layer bamboos and 5 layers maples, best controllable 2.4Ghz remote controller
Perfect and Smooth Riding: high durability and high elasticity decks, hump designed deck and big wheels, let you get over the 1-2 cm obstacles and pebbles on road easily.
All Under Your Control: Provide ultra smooth stepless braking control with regenerative charging, come to smooth stop from any speed.
Not the best but worthiest! Made to last quality, strong powerful performance, rider-friendly design, true range and speed.