FOLDYLOCK Compact Bike Lock Black | Extreme Bike Lock - Heavy Duty Bicycle Security Chain Lock Steel Bars| Carrying Case Included

FOLDYLOCK Compact Bike Lock Black | Extreme Bike Lock – Heavy Duty Bicycle Security Chain Lock Steel Bars| Carrying Case Included

Jul 11,2020 01:44:30 UTC

Product Description

FoldyLock is a family of premium folding bike locks. Folding lock is a concept of bike locks that are made of steel links connected by steel rivets. This basic configuration allows those locks to form a circle when locking the bike and to be folded into a small case when riding – therefore its name…

The concept of the folding lock is relatively new. It was developed to join the benefits of two traditional locks – the “Chain lock” and the “U lock”, both have weaknesses as well. The Chain lock is very flexible and can lock the bike to a variety of objects, but its protection level is mostly low and it is bulky for riding. The U lock, on the other hand, is mostly ranked high on the protection scale, But the same build concept that makes it so secure, also makes it very inconvenient to use – It’s iconic shape “D” or “U” is solid, so it limits the variety of objects it can lock the bike to, and it is always in full size – even while riding. Folding locks, like a U lock, ranks high on the protection scale, thanks to its tough build – but it also has the flexibility of a Chain lock, due to its unique configuration. Unlike both locks it can also be folded into a small case while riding.

From the makers of Seatylock, the World’s 1st Proprietary Seat and Lock Combination. The Foldylock is backed by a family of premium folding bike locks. Developed to join the benefits of two traditional locks- the “Chain lock” and the “U lock”, the Foldylock mends two concepts together. Coupling the high protection of the U lock with the flexibility of a Chain lock the Foldylock is a unique locking system that is durable, functional, and adds security you can trust to your bike.

Trusted in bike security, the folding lock is made up of steel links connected by steel rivets. The basic configuration of the lock allows it to form a circle when needed for securing your bike, but when the lock is not in use it can simply be returned into its original state- a small, compact case that links onto your bike’s frame. The Foldylock comes in 3 unique colors Cream, Red, and Green making for the perfect complement to any bike.

We understand that being the best requires attention to small details, listening to our growing community of customers and being passionate about making great products. Each one of our products is uniquely designed and stands out in its own way. The Foldylock is no exception to this rule. Both innovative and secure, the Foldylock is the latest foldable bike lock on the market. We believe that the Foldylock is one the best locking mechanisms you can get for your bike in today’s market. Our designers have studied thoroughly a variety of branded locks, analyzing its flaws and weak points and have translated our findings into solutions that were applied to the Foldylock in the development process. The main goal for Foldylock was to exceed the competition making it better in every aspect – Look & Feel, Usability, size, weight and protection level.


Fast and easy to use- Easy and convenient to operate

Compact design- Super compact design ensures lock is easy to carry and not too heavy

Practical- Protection you can trust that will always be on your bike. Never carry a conventional lock again


Silent ride- A rattle elimination mechanism prevents the lock from shaking while riding

Easy to carry- Folds to a compact shape and stored inside the frame mounted case

Bike’s frame protection- Links are plastic coated to preven scratches


Hardened steel links- Increase security to protect your bike

Weather-proof- Metal components are rust free with UV protected cover

Ultra protected rivets- Rivets are designed with VSR technology which protects against sawing and cutting

PROTECT YOUR BIKE – don’t make it easy for thieves to steal your bike. By choosing our sophisticated bike lock you are securing your bicycle with leading materials and technology for improved peace of mind. Ideal for mountain bikes, road bikes, folding bikes and kids bikes too
HARDENED STEEL LINKS – we have designed our links to be stronger and more robust to increase security when your bike is locked and left at the train station, grocery store, office, home etc
ULTRA-PROTECTED RIVETS – the rivets incorporated within our bicycle lock have been designed with VSR technology to stand up against sawing and cutting for added protection. You can secure your bike to a post or bike stand safe in the knowledge it is locked well
FAST AND EASY TO USE – suitable for all abilities to install and operate. The compact design ensures the cycle lock is compact and easy to carry in the portable bike lock case, so you never have to be weighed down by an uncomfortable bike lock again. Weights 2.2 pounds.
ANTI-DRILLING COMPONENTS – the cylinder and other components incorporated into our compact bike lock design are drill resistant to prevent thieves from stealing your bike. Our flexible and robust mountain bike lock should be the top of your list for bike security