GroveZero STEM Starter Kit

Sep 03,2020 01:15:57 UTC

Table of contents 1.The Basics 2.Magnetic Adaptor, there are a pair of strong magnets speclally designed conductors that make It a super flexible connector which can be connected In many different ways 3.Color-coded by Functions. The Pink Is the Control Board .The Blue Modules are the Input Modules.The White Modules are the Output Modules.The Green Module is the electrical power source for the other modules. 4.Snap and Play The easiest way to connect your Grove Zero modules is by snaping them together with MAGNETS! Try it in stacks, arrays, or both without order. 5.Connections Grove Zero modules always have at least two 11 pin connectors so that you can chain them together 6.Programming A graphical environment based on Scratch 3.0. It allows you to easily program Grove Zero with Scratch language, you can always convert the code blocks to Python or JavaScript to learn about the most popular programming language in the world. 7.Introduction to Modules 8.Main Board You can program the Main Board BLE very easily with drag-and-drop graphical programming 9.BLE LED Matrix is composed of 5×6 blue LEDs. It can display numbers, letters, graph bars, and pixel Images. 10.Buzzer is usually used to make an annoying sound to catch people’s attention, but you can also use It to make rlng tones or play music. 11.RGB LED is composed of red, blue and green LEDs. It combines these three colors 12.Servo is the device that has an output shaft. The shaft can be controlled to be positioned at a specific angular position. 13.Twin Button has two push-buttons on board. They can detect events such as a single press and hold. 14.Light Sensor measures the Intensity of vislble light and tells you how dark or light the environment is. 15.Sound Sensor listens to the sound around it. You can use it to vlsuallze the sound level or as a sound trigger to control your circuit. 16.Battery has a rechargable 3.7v Li-ion battery inside that can provide electricity to other modules.

Grove Zero is a programmable electronic module system based on SEEED Studio’s star product line – Grove. Integrated with features designed especially for educational users, Grove Zero makes connections easier, saving time from using jumper wires or soldering, to simplify the learning process and allowing children to focus on creative expression. Grove Zero provides a great platform to develop your coding skills and help complete a variety of interesting experiments
Grove Zero comes with intriguing and educational projects to help kids learn 21st-century skills, foster creativity, and develop their critical thinking step by step. By working closely with very experienced educators, Grove Zero also includes curriculum-aligned Coding lesson plans to allow teachers to bring the most engaging learning experience in their classroom.
Grove Zero is a platform of electronic modules that Lego Compatible, it makes STEM learning simple, practical, and most importantly, enjoyable. It comes with a booklet and website PDF tutorial will guide you step by step on how to build everything together.
Grove Zero features 9 color-coded, plug-and-play, and programmable electronic modules that are specially designed for STEM education. By combining modules and build up creative projects, kids can learn different skills, especially coding, foster creativity, and develop your logical thinking.
Grove Zero is a high-quality STEM Toy is a perfect gift made from environmentally friendly material and technology and passed CE and CFF certification, it’s excellent and safe for your children and friends as a gift