HSTD Off Road Electric Scooter, Folding Commuting Scooter with Seat, 6000W Dual Motors, 13 Inch Pneumatic Tire, Dual Charging Ports, Over-Current Protection Device 95KM

Sep 25,2020 13:56:56 UTC

HSTD 13 inch off-road vacuum tire electric scooters which could conquer all terrain. Applicable to all major groups: adults, office workers and outdoor sports enthusiasts etc.

Product name: 13 Inch Off-road Tire Electric Scooters Adult

Handlebar: Gapless handlebar + four-bar stable body
Headlights: Double U7 headlights
Material: Full body aluminum alloy
Vehicle weight: 52KG
Tire size: 13 inches (13*5 inches) tubeless tire
Safety equipment: voltage key lock
Maximum load: 400KG
Controller: Dual 60V45A controller
Motor: 13 inch 3000W dual motor
Speed: up to 85KM/H
Light: Turn signal + brake light + pedal warning light
Brakes: Front and rear dual oil disc brakes + EBAS electronic brakes (trust disc oil brakes)
Front shock absorption: Long-distance hydraulic shock absorption
Rear shock absorption: dual hydraulic shock absorption

Battery capacity:

Driven distance:
60V38AH —– 90-100KM
60V43AH —– 100-120KM

The helmet is highly recommended as it can keep you safe.
Driving on flat roads is recommended.
Speed will decrease with battery life, which is determined by voltage.

If you have any questions or quality problems, please contact us in time; we will quickly solve your needs and problems to protect your rights.

👉SHOCK ABSORPTION – With front and rear double Hydraulic shock absorber, Front long-distance hydraulic shock absorption,Rear high-end damping hydraulic shock absorption.Comfortable riding experience, coping More complex road conditions.
👉SAFER DRIVING – The front dual LED headlights make it safer to drive at night. The super large rear-end collision warning light can change three states to remind vehicles and personnel behind and improve safety.
👉POWERFUL POWER – Front and rear disc brakes, 5400W electric scooter, suitable for off-road driving and dual motors, suitable for most terrain. However, please do not drive on rainy or slippery roads, this will not only affect battery life, but also cause unsafe
👉FOLDING SCOOTER – The portable electric scooter folds and you can fold it easily, Easy to fold design, this is a good personal transport, the scooter can be quickly folded for storage at home, in the office or in the trunk, Providing a new lifestyle as the perfect transportation device for everyday use.