HYPER GOGO Hoverboard 6.5inch 3D Wormhole Hoverboards,UL2272 Certified Self Balancing electric scooter w/Bluetooth With Carry Bag

Aug 22,2020 05:25:22 UTC

Product Description

Hyper GoGoHyper GoGo

All terrain wormhole hoverboardAll terrain wormhole hoverboard



All terrain wheels hoverboard with 3D wormhole motor.

A super light- weight design equipped with rugged All Terrain wheels makes it easy for you to carry it on your adventures.

You can drive on grass, wetlands and snow.With a wide range of the color spectrum you’ll feel like riding in space.

hoverboard colorhoverboard color


There are four colors: Blue Pink Black

Choose the color what you favorite like.

DUAL 3D Wormhole Motor with Dual Independent Gyros

Net Weight: 14.5 LBS

Max Speed:7.4 MPH

Loading Limits:32 LBS~198 LBS

Battery Input:100-130V

Wheel Size: 6.5 inches

Off Road All Terrain rubber wheel:To ensure you safe driving in a variety of terrain.

Each Scooter comes with a black carry bag inside.


Quality Safety with Hoverboard

Comprehensive Safety and Security:Every hover board is designed and built to provide world-class levels of safety and security.

The top priority for Hyper Gogo.Strictest Production Process,hundreds of thousands of tests regarding to safety regulations.

World-class manufactory and thousands of factory safety tests.

The best giftThe best gift

Suitable for users of all ages

Hyper Gogo 6.5 Inch all terrain rubber wheel with 3D wormhole LED Lights is suitable for people of all ages. and our hoverboard EL-ES06 is your Dream Gift for all age.


The all terrain wheels hoverboard with 3D wormhole motor; To ensure ease of use and portability we have designed the 6.5 inch hoverboard with compact all terrain wheels which also makes it easy for you to carry it on your adventures
SAFETY:Gain increased visibility from all directions so you and your loved ones are safer in low light conditions; Rated IP54 for solidness and water resistance; UL 2272 tested and certified self balancing board with UL2271 certified smart battery
BLUETOOTH SPEAKER:Rock out to your favorite songs with the integrated bluetooth speaker in the 8FINITI hover board; Play music straight from your phone or any blue tooth compatible device while you go exploring; drive on grass wetlands and snow
AUTO BALANCE:The Hyper Gogo all Terrain hover board is now equipped with No Fall Technology; With enhanced and sophisticated gyro sensors, the INFINIT hoverboard automatically aligns evenly so that the riders balance and a stable equilibrium is maintained
DREAM GIFT:These 3D wormhole wheel and frame lights from Hyper Gogo are the hottest new thing to hit SoCal and trend setting cities across America