JJ Boom 8″ Electric brushless Wheel hub Motor, Electric Scooter Motor kit, Electric Skateboard Motor kit (450W 36v Electric Wheel hub Motor kit)

Sep 02,2020 13:05:56 UTC

8″ 450W 36V electric  wheel hub motor , electric scooter motor kit , electric skateboard conversion kit 
Features: Made of fine quality material, long-lasting to use. Suitable for electric bicycles, E-bikes, E-Scooter, wheel chair, DIY and more.
Explosion-proof tire – Silent, shock absorption, strong grip, no tubers, puncture-proof, low resistance
Safety and environmental protection – The motor tires are made of pure rubber material, non-toxic and environmentally friendly.
Inflatable tyre – Replace traditional inner and outer tires, of high density and high strength, and no need to inflate, convenient to use.
Anti-shock – Highly elastic rubber material, combined with scientific design, makes the e- scooter tyre more evenly loaded and absorbs the shock.