Joyisi 48V 15AH Electric Ebike Li-ion Battery with Battery Holder and Charger, 1000W Electric Bicycle Motor

Joyisi 48V 15AH Electric Ebike Li-ion Battery with Battery Holder and Charger, 1000W Electric Bicycle Motor

Aug 08,2020 07:45:16 UTC

Why Choose Our Company
Our company’s products are mainly exported to the United States, Europe, Australia and so on. They have passed UL, CE and other national safety certifications. They also have passed the SGS test and are widely used in electric bicycles.

How to choose a battery
It is best to choose a battery that matches your motor’s volts, which means that if your motor is 48V, then it is best to choose a 48V battery.
If your motor is 1000W, please choose a battery suitable for a 1000W or above power motor. Do not choose a battery suitable for motors below 1000W.

About connector
Carry a pair of Anderson connectors inside the package. (can be connected to the battery discharge line and the controller respectively)
If you need other kinds of connectors, such as XT60, bullet, aviation plug, etc., you can contact our store immediately after placing an order, and we can give it to you for free.

About power switch
We currently use two sets of security locks. One carries letters and the other carries icons. However, the functional set of the two sets is the same.
If you want to turn on the power switch, you need to use the key to screw the safety lock into the “⭕️” or “ON” position.

About charging
The battery needs to be turned on and charge for more than eight hours. When the indicator light on the charger changes from red to green, it means that the battery is fully charged.

Charging mode: DC/AC
Output: DC 54.6V 2.0A
Max charge voltage: 54.6V
Cycle life: About 1000 cycles
Range with one charge: 20-30 miles
Battery size: 35.5*14.5*6.5cm
Battery rack size: 39*44*17cm
Package size: 46*45*23cm
Model: Rear rack type
Battery type: li-ion
Nominal voltage: 48V
Rated capacity: 15Ah

Package included:
1x Bike battery
1x Battery holder
1x Charger
2x Keys
A pair of Anderson connectors

【 Output 】48V 15AH, Domestic 2500 battery cells, suitable for 1000W/750W/500W/250W motor, 54.6v 2A charger. Max Constant Discharge Current 30A. The driving distance is about 20-30 miles, the specific situation is affected by the motor power, driving speed, load bearing, road conditions and so on.
【 High Quality 】High quality Domestic cells and equipped with a fuse and a BMS protective board in battery prevent over charge, over discharge, over current and short circuit and ensure the long life expectancy
【 Lightweight Design 】Sturdy and stylish black case, which effectively protects the battery from damage. Solid metal rack is easy to install and fits 24” 26”and 28” wheels.
【Package Content 】A li-lion 48V 15AH battery, a rack, a charger, a pair of Anderson connectors and user manual.
【One-year Warranty 】The battery is warranted for one year. If there is any problem with the product, please feel free to contact our store. We have after sales in the United States, professional people can solve your problem as quickly as possible. (Our store supports customized services, if you need other specifications, welcome to contact us)