L-faster 24V 36V 350W Electric DC Motor Electric Skateboard DIY 350W Motor Kit Electric Bike Engine Motor Use 25H Chains

Aug 29,2020 07:55:58 UTC

36V 350W Electric DC Motor Electric Skateboard DIY 250W Motor Kit Electric bike Engine High Quality MOTOR Use 25H Chains
This is simple kit inlcude only one brush motor, one controller and one accelerator.
1.What battery is recommended for this kit?
This kit is 24V/36V, you need two/three 12V batteries, (lead acid or lithium), or one 24V/36V battery. After they are linked together, the recommended capacity >12AH, working current need less than 20A.
2.Does the kit include batteries?
No this kit doesn’t include batteries.
This item include:
1. 1 x 350W brush motor
2. 1 x motor controller
3. 1 x throttle
The normal kit:
The pedal kit:
The throttle kit:
Motor specification:
Rated voltage: 24V / 36V
Motor power: 350W
No loading current: 1.9A / 1.4A
Rated speed: 2750 rpm
Rated current: 14A / 12.5A
Motor weight: 2.25 kg
Motor sprocket: 11T 25H sprocket
Controller connection:
(parts for reference only)
Normal throttle:
Upgrade throttle:
Pedal throttle:
Installation for reference: