Lascoota Scooters for Kids 8 Years and up - Quick-Release Folding System - Dual Suspension System + Scooter Shoulder Strap 7.9" Big Wheels Great Scooters for Adults and Teens

Lascoota Scooters for Kids 8 Years and up – Quick-Release Folding System – Dual Suspension System + Scooter Shoulder Strap 7.9″ Big Wheels Great Scooters for Adults and Teens

Jul 09,2020 08:09:31 UTC

Product Description


LaScoota- The Scooter that Grows With You

LaScoota Teens is a scooter that brings the fun for ages 8 and up – and when we say “up”, it doesn’t really stop at 18 or 21; it is also perfect for adults and grown-ups!

Our Scooters feature:

Robust Aluminum & Steel Construction

Comfy Rubber Handles Grips

Big Front and Back Wheels

Front Suspension

Adjustable Handlebar Height

Heat Treated Back Foot Brake

Foldable, Easy to Carry and Lightweight Design

The perfect, highly durable, and practical choice for any teen or adult; Our scooter is well made with high-quality materials to deliver fun for years without skipping a beat.

LaScoota Pro Handelbar

LaScoota Pro Handelbar





Adjustable Height Handlebar

Our scooter’s handlebar features 3 adjustable height options (35/37/39 inch) and will keep adjusting with your kids as they grow taller and stronger. Plus, the 100kg (220 pounds) capacity makes it a dependable choice for any age.

Safety Features & Comfy Riding Specs

Equipped with a 205mm PU casted, big & high-rebound front and rear wheels and a heat -treated break, you never lose control at high speeds and can always come to a secure stop. Plus, the front suspension and wide deck provides the smoothest ride.

Foldable & Easy to Carry

Convenience is the name of the game and our scooter comes with an easy-to-fold design – thanks to the push-up folding mechanism for convenient storage & carry. Plus, the carry strap allows an easy transportation when on the go.



LaScoota- Scoot in Style & Safety

Our scooter comes with high-end, tear-resistant PU wheels that reduce bumping and create a comfortable and safe riding experience. When stopped, the handy kickstand allows you to properly park your scooter and avoid damaging it by just leaving it on the ground.

Available in 6 Wholesome Colors

Dive into our collection of sleek colors and find the perfect fit for your style!

LaScoota-Scooters for Playing, Commuting & Rediscovering Fun

Scooter Weight

6.61 lb

9.67 lb

11.06 lb

Item Unfolding Size


36.75×18.5×39 inch

39.25×18.5×42.5 inch

Item Folding Size


32×4.75×13 inch

32.75×5.5×15.5 inch

Handlebar Height Options

25.5/27.5/30.75/34 inch

35.25/37 /39 inch

38.5/40.5/42.5 inch

Wide Curved Handlebar

9 inch

9 inch

9 inch

Deck Dimension

5 x4.75inch



Wheel Size

front: 4.7×1.1 inch back: 3.1×0.94 inch

8.1×1.18 inch

front: 9.1×1.18 inch back: 8.1×1.18 inch

Weight Limit

110 lb

220 lb

220 lb

NO ASSEMBLY NEEDED: We know how most people dread waiting, so we made the assembly of this scooter a real breeze for everyone. Few seconds and you are ready to go!
FOLDING MOBILITY, EASY TO TRANSPORT: This scooter was designed with a push up folding mechanism, making it easy and secure for you to fold & unfold it in a few seconds without the requirement of any tool. It is also made to be convenient to store and portable to carry around with its carry strap.
AN EFFORTLESS RIDE: The high-quality wear-resistant PU wheels provide essential shock absorption mechanism that will give you a smooth experience, making it suitable for many kinds of pavement.
A SCOOTER YOU WILL NEVER OUTGROW: There is no need for you to constantly buy new scooters as you age. The handlebar is adjustable for a wide range of ages, perfect for teens and adults. The handlebar has 4 adjustable height options (35/37/39 inch). We also worked hard to design and hand-craft these scooters to match your ride to your style. It is available in 6 fashionable and stylish designs to fit everyone’s style.