LJHHH Electric Unicycle,Adult Intelligent Big Wheel Off-Road Sense Wheelbarrow with Lever,Tire Balance Cycling Exercise Outdoor Sports Fitness

Jul 10,2020 10:18:44 UTC

◆ Bluetooth player:Built-in Bluetooth speaker external release function, connect your mobile phone through Bluetooth, you can play your favorite songs anytime, anywhere, and make your ride more enjoyable
◆ Self-balancing system: Using aerospace attitude control principle and gyroscope principle, the system can detect the rider’s center of gravity change and offset angle in real time
◆ Non-slip:The unique two-sided parallel design effectively avoids the problem of unstable unicycle slippery clips on the market
◆ Durable:Long battery life of 60 kilometers, battery capacity 468WH has a breakthrough endurance, a true long-distance travel tool. Using high-quality lithium-ion battery, circulating charge and discharge more than 1000 times, 10c discharge rate, super strong climbing ability up to 25 °