LYCAON Bicycle Bell 8 Colors Mini Aluminum Alloy Bike Bell Loud Crisp Clear Sound Bike Ring Horn Accessories

Jul 14,2020 11:03:40 UTC

LYCAON Bike Bell – Bicycle Accessories BEST Material Makes BEST cycling bell
LYCAON bicycle bell makes up of high strength materials that are durable, damage-resistance and lasting, producing clearly loud and wonderful sound. Easy to Use and Widely Applicable
Using the screwdriver we provide to set up a bell within minutes.
1. Unscrew fixed base.
2. Attach the base to the bike handlebar in the right position.
3. Tighten the screw, and ensure the stableness of bike bell.
20 – 23mm (0.78″- 0.90″) Outer diameter is suitable for handlebar of most MTB, BMX bike, road bike, cruiser, etc. Can be also applied to scooter and Ebike. Color Option
Orange Size
Dome diameter: 46mm (1.81″)
Fixator Outer diameter: 20 – 23mm (0.78″- 0.90″) Your feedback and review have been our biggest motivation.
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Handlebar diameter between 20-23mm is suitable for installing the bell
Compact and light, recommend to use on the right side
Antirust aluminum alloy cover and ultra-tough plastic base provides long service life
A screwdriver is packaged with our bicycle bell to help you set up easily
Combine with internal rotated collision sounding system, the bike bell can send out loud, long, crisp silvery sound