LYYJIAJU Electric Unicycle, Somatosensory Balance Car, Single-Wheel Adult Intelligent Thinking Motorcycle,Steering Machine Design Flexible Turning,Lithium Ion Battery

Aug 21,2020 23:24:43 UTC

Great for beginners and advanced riders alike.
Length * width * height 660x673x971 (mm)
Packing size: 0.155 cubic meters
Carrying capacity (kg): 100
Vehicle weight (kg): 22
Maximum speed: 15Km / h
Climbing ability: 15 °
Start method: soft start
Braking method: brake / fixed
Stopping distance: 2m
Tire size: 13.12 inches
Motor power 80ow / 60V
Charging time: 2H
Battery capacity: 264Wh
Full voltage: 67V
Battery type: 18650 lithium ion
Distance per charge: 25Km

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Massive shock-resistant aluminium body – Ideal for both adults and children Extremely precise steering possibilities with an innovative pressure sensor-system
Dual Riding Modes, The Self-balancing vehicle has two riding modes. Accelerated control andMotion control that uses your body’s center of gravity. Learn in minutes and change the way you explore the world
Easy to Use, Easy to Carry, Easy to Store The Self-balancing vehicle is made of light weight aluminum alloys, that make this unit very portable and easy to use, carry and store. The vehicle weighs only 22kg and assembles/disassembles within a few seconds with the
turn of a button
Safety Sensors The Self-balancing vehicle is equipped with many safety features and sensors that protect the rider