MRMRMNR 60V 5600W Portable Folding Electric Offroad Scooters Electric Scooter Adult, Remote Anti-Theft, Endurance (75~170km), 200KG Bearing, 11 Inch Off-Road Tires, 85km/h

Sep 27,2020 02:25:19 UTC


60V 5400W dual-drive high-power hydraulic shock absorber; peak speed 85km/h; climbing angle 30°~40°; load-bearing 200KG; endurance 75~170km; 11-inch off-road tires


Our electric scooter has 1 year free spare parts and maintenance time, you can buy it with confidence.


Product Name: Electric Folding Scooter

Packing size: 137*35*52

Motor power: 2800w (single motor)

Controller: sine wave 45a controller

Tires: 11-inch off-road widened tires

Maximum speed: 85km/h

Climbing: 30-40°

Battery: 15-38ah domestic lithium battery

Brakes: front and rear dual hydraulic disc brakes

Car lights: front dual led headlights + side pedal lights + rear taillights

Body material: aluminum alloy

Anti-theft: electronic anti-theft device

Car size: 123*28*130

Folding size: 130*28*54

Front shock: hydraulic front shock

Rear shock: damped hydraulic shock

Load: 200kg

Weight: 25-30kg

Package weight: 30-35kg

Endurance: 18.2ah (endurance of 75km) 28ah (endurance of 120km) 33ah (endurance of 145km) 38ah (endurance of 170km)


1*electric folding off-road scooter

【REMOTE ANTI-THEFT ALARM】The remote anti-theft device can realize the functions of-key lock the car,-key unlock,-key to find the car.
【INTELLIGENT LCD INSTRUMENT】The balance car is equipped with a multi-function instrument controller, which can display functions such as speed, power, mileage and gear.
【DOUBLE LED HEADLIGHTS】The electric scooter is equipped with double LED headlights + safety warning lights, double headlights, long irradiation distance and long service life, which can effectively ensure the safety of riding at night.
【11-INCH OFF-ROAD TUBELESS TIRES】The electric scooter adopts widened and thickened 11-inch tubeless tires, with thick wall thickness, strong grip and anti-skid, stable driving, not easy to bulge, and strong passability. Can easily cope with off-road and complex road conditions