NIUBI US Fast Shipment Electric Skateboard 7 Layer Maple Concave Longboard Scooter with Hub Motors

Jul 23,2020 15:29:42 UTC

Equipped with high traction PU skate wheels, making it flexible and durable, ensuring a pleasant riding experience; wear-resistant, and can maintain smooth running for long-term use.
Use wireless remote control, easy to control; display the skateboard power and status, easy to use. The three speed modes are L, M, and H. The braking modes are B1, B2, B3 and B4. It will freely accelerate, decelerate, reverse and brake.
The wheel hub brushless motor gives you lightning-fast acceleration. With a top speed of 15 kilometers per hour, it can easily handle 15% of the hillside. Essential mobility tools for campus and daily short-distance life, no matter where you ride, you will be excited.
Bears no more than 220 pounds