Nologo D-F Perfect Skateboard, Dual-Drive Intelligent Short Trip Skateboard,Ideal Electric Cruiser Board for Boys and Girls Campus

Jul 16,2020 13:52:29 UTC

●The deck is generally very slightly recessed, while the medium-sized wheel well creates ideal foot pockets for manuals and stalls. The deck is equipped with a short and steep kick tail, which can maximize the height of grease, which is an ideal upgrade to provide light performance for daily exercise.
●[Skateboard size] is 35.4 inches long, 8.66 inches wide, and 4.3 inches high. Can be put in a backpack. The weight of the skateboard is 6 kg. Because the skateboard has a slot design, you can easily hold it in your hand. Alternatively, you can put it in your backpack and then put it where you want to ride.
●[Lithium battery] 4000mAh large capacity battery, battery life can reach 22 kilometers. High-quality lithium battery can ensure fast charging within 2 hours. Energy saving and sustainable. You can find the fun of the two modes separately.
●[Remote Control] is very easy to control. Use the remote control to control forward or brake, tilt your body to change direction. When you squeeze the trigger handle to gradually accelerate, your feet will be firmly fixed on the deck. The portable remote control can provide true continuous acceleration and gradually controlled braking.
●[Safety and Protection] The skateboard is sturdy and durable, composed of 7 layers of Canadian maple planks, and the maximum load is 100 kg. Sinusoidal braking is used to slow down the braking speed and slip safely.