Nologo Z-BB Wireless Remote Control Electric Four-Wheeled Skateboard,Maximum Speed 25km/H,Pro Skateboard

Jul 13,2020 05:03:10 UTC

Kick tails and kick nose are also important for sharp turns, pivots, slides, and general maneuvering in street skating.
Electric skateboards provide convenient, stylish and exciting modes of transportation. No matter how fast you go, the 400W motor can bring quiet and smooth driving. The electric skateboard adopts a lightweight design and has a handle that is easy to grasp, which is convenient for transportation. Weighing only 8.5 pounds, just turn off the electric skateboard and carry it with you. The charging time of an electric scooter is up to 2 hours, and the maximum distance is 15 kilometers. It provides a reliable means of transportation and can take you where you need it. Skateboarding is an ideal tool for conducting courses on and off campus or cycling in the city. The electric scooter reaches its destination on time at an amazing maximum speed of 28KM/hour. This is an environmentally friendly alternative to daily work, allowing you to reduce emissions without sacrificing convenience or style.

Name: Electric Skateboard

Speed: 12km/h~ 30km/h

Motor: Removable, brushless hub motor

Battery type: polymer lithium battery

Endurance: ≥15km

Rated output power: 350W

Center distance of front and rear wheels: 760mm

Board height from the ground: 120mm

Standard voltage: 36V

Power control: electromagnetic drive

Splash proof: IP54

Weight: 10kg


The warranty period for this product is 6 months.

Unauthorized disassembly or man-made damage is not within the warranty period. If the skateboard fails, please contact and notify the skateboard before use.

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❂Suitable for beginners, senior experts, intermediate skaters of any skill level can use this skateboard to do some basic stunts, such as 360 OL, OL action and other basic skills
❂wheel is perfect for long distance skateboarding
●[Skateboard size] is 37.4 inches long, 10 inches wide, and 4.96 inches high. The weight of the skateboard is 10 kg. You can take it with you wherever you want to go.
●[Lithium battery] 3.5Ah large-capacity battery, battery life can reach 15 kilometers, the maximum speed is 25KM/H. High-quality lithium battery can ensure fast charging within 2 hours. Energy saving and sustainable. You can find the fun of the two modes separately.
●[Remote Control] is very easy to control. Use the remote control to control forward or brake, tilt your body to change direction. When you squeeze the trigger handle to gradually accelerate, your feet will be firmly fixed on the deck. The portable remote control can provide true continuous acceleration and gradually controlled braking.