OTBBA Solid Tire Replacement for Electric Scooter Xiaomi Mi m365 / gotrax gxl V2, 8.5 inches Scooter Wheel's Replacement Explosion-Proof Solid Tire, Tires & Accessories [One Piece]

OTBBA Solid Tire Replacement for Electric Scooter Xiaomi Mi m365 / gotrax gxl V2, 8.5 inches Scooter Wheel’s Replacement Explosion-Proof Solid Tire, Tires & Accessories [One Piece]

Jul 31,2020 02:21:33 UTC

Product Description





To Be A Better Choice

OTBBA focus on Xiaomi electric scooter M365’s solid Tires and other accessories, and provide best products for M365 Owners.

Sincerely wish you can successfully install, and our products can satisfy you.

OTBBA Solid Tires

No flat tires & No punctured tires

The downside of inflatable tires is the worry of frequent punctures and the fear they can cause to riders.

If you have a flat tire while riding in a hurry, it will not only delay your important work or appointment, but also require you to spend a lot of time and energy to repair the inner tube.

It is better for two people to cooperate with the installation.

We provide installation instructions and video demo on the product page. Please read them carefully before installation.




1 Piece

2 Pieces ( White + Black )

1 Piece

One Whole Set


Difficult, need tools and one more person to help



Difficult, with installation instructions and tools

Unique Design

Wear-resistant rubber & Honeycomb

High-quality silicone, with 3M tape

Strong and durable textile craftsmanship

High-quality Metal Materials & Springs


Ensure safe riding and stay away from flat tires

Permanently protect your M365’s center panel

Reduce the burden of carrying and travel better with M365

Protect the scooter and reduce the damage caused by riding collisions

💿 Upgrade M365’s Tires: Customized for 8.5 inches Xiaomi Electric Scooter M365’s wheels, perfect replacement. Product Details, weight – 1.5 pounds, outer diameter – 8.5 inches, inner diameter – 5.5 inches, width – 2 inches.
💿 Unique Product Design: Made of high quality solid rubber. The special hollowing design helps the scooter to have excellent shock absorber and buffering pressure performance. The texture on the tire surface help scooters have good grip and anti-skid ability.
💿 Detailed Installation Help: Please prepare relevant tools, according to the installation instructions of product video and page text. Correct installation can help our scooter tires have better performance, and ensure your safety during using.
💿 Offer Satisfied Discounts: In order to meet the needs of our customers, if you need to buy two tires, we will provide 75% discount for your total order, equal to the purchase of the second one is half price.
💿 100% Free After-Sales Guaranteed: 100% Money-Back Guarantee & 9 Months Warranty Against Manufacturer Defects. Please you can contact us by email if you have any problem with our product or service.