Shelcup Windproof Water Resistant Convertible Cycling Running Jacket

Shelcup Windproof Water Resistant Convertible Cycling Running Jacket

Jun 15,2020 21:51:14 UTC

Shelcup Cycling Jacket for Urban Bikers

High Visibility: Our high visibility jacket comes equipped with enough reflective and fluorescent material to keep you visible in any lighting condition, any time, day or night.

Get the most out of your cycling apparel with two stylish jackets in one.
When your safety is on the line, use Urban Circus’ unique high visibility material to
help you stand out from the crowd and reduce your risk of road accidents by 70%.
Trying to blend into the crowd? Shift gears and flip things inside out with a look that’s
a little more discrete but just as fashionable — perfect for everyday wear.


Sometimes, you need a little extra storage.
With one large pockets in the back and two additional pocket in the two side and two
inner pockets for added convenience, you never need to worry about finding a safe place to stash your valuables.
*Practice safe cycling. Don’t text and ride.

Packable: can be folded in the storage bag for casual cycling spare equipment, saving space
Reflective Elements: Big Reflective Zipper on the front, Big Reflective strips on the back, and small reflective details to help ensure safe riding/running/jogging in early morning or late night.
Two Pockets with zipper: 5.5″ mobile phone Pocket on shoulder, and one hand pockets which can fold the whole jacket;
Perfect choice for a wide range of outdoor activities, including city sidewalk, cycling, running, climbing, hiking, fishing, travel, fitness or casual wear