Stop-A-Flat Puncture-proof, Thorn-resistant, No-flat Bicycle Tubes

Sep 23,2020 19:27:00 UTC

STOP-A-FLAT offers a range of non-pneumatic inner tubes which are impossible to puncture. A simple one-off and low-cost solution. Ideal for children’s bicycles, buggies, pushchairs and cycle trailers. The latest high-tech solution providing hard-wearing, long-lasting and sustainability. It is inserted in the same way as a normal inner tube using your existing tread. Stop A Flat tubes are manufactured from a polymer of Ethylene Vinyl Acetate, (EVA), using a closed cell construction to prevent the absorption of moisture and water.

ECONOMICAL No more wasting money on tubes
COMPATIBLE with most US rims, use size chart to pick your best fit or call 1-877-BIKEAID for sizing and installation assistance
NOT compatible with Raleigh or Schwinn produced prior to 1980
GREAT for bicycles, trailers and jogger/strollers