Surfwheel SU/HX One +4 Wheels Electric Skateboard (One Wheel Hoverboard) – with Patented Safety Wheels

$399.89 - $387.99
Jul 18,2020 23:52:48 UTC

Product Description


Stay fit, be thrilled, Surfwheeling!

Exploring becomes thrilling when you are surfing the land on a Surfwheel. The lightweight design makes it easy to carry around Surfwheel in the streets. The LED light illuminates the city at night. You can feel the rush of surfing a wave of just having to step out your front door.

Surfwheel SUSurfwheel SU

Why Surfwheel?

Surfwheeing is a balance training that strengthens your muscles that help keep you upright and fit.

Surfwheel technology simulates Surfing on land, enabling you feel the thrill&rush of surfing a wave with a click of a button.

Design to thrill. Engineered for Surfing on Land.

Natural surfing motion

Natural surfing motion

Safety wheels

Safety wheels

Drifting tire

Drifting tire

Natural surfing motion

Every move is calculated and simulated to feel like you are surfing, but on land, supported by Surfwheel proprietary technology in electric motion detection to control algorithm.

Safety wheels and Illuminates 360 degrees

All Surfwheel skateboards are equipped with safety wheels (US10058765B2) to keep you safe at all time and are 360 degree illuminated with LED lights for night safe & fun rides.

Drifting tire tread & wheel

Every piece of the tire, from the tire’s tread (US10065103B2), hardness, and shape has been crafted to give you the feeling of surfing on land. The airless tire will never go flat and rides on all terrains.

Upgrade from hoverboard to Surfwheel – Surfwheel gives a real fun ride on urban streets.


App enabledApp enabled

App enabled

The Surfwheel App is available for Android and IOS. Switch between different riding modes: learner and speed. Use the app to update the firmware, check your battery status, and track your speed with the speedometer. Adjust the LED lights of Surfwheel. Limitless features are yet to come.

Surfwheel SUPPORTSurfwheel SUPPORT

Surfwheel /SUPPORT

Visit Surfwheel website /support to get all the Surfwheeling tips including “First time charging”, “Training video” and “Maintenance tips”.

Safety Priority: UL2272 cert. ensures Surfwheel meet high standards for fire and electrical safety.
Fun & Safe ride: while self-balancing algorithm simulates surfing moves, the patented surfing drifting tire tread (US100651032) and patented safety/learner wheels on one wheel electric skateboard for nosedive recovery (US10058765B2) ensure fun/safe ride.
Applicable: designed for 13+, urban street road conditions (NOT FOR OFF ROAD CONIDTIONs such as mud, dirt, rocks, sand, hills, ice or snow.) Require practices to master.
Spec: HX Edition. Max loading 220lbs (best fit ~180lbs). Max speed : 12 mph. App enabled. Support replaceable battery. Rain proof.
ATTENTION: Please sign up /SUPPORT @ surfwheel website at purchase. For first time charging (POWER ON or GETTINT STARTED or FIRST TIME SETUP), please refer to the guide sent from Amazon message. For support, please reach to us at info@surfwheel dot com