TOMOLOO Hover Boards for Kids, Hoverboards Bluetooth and LED Lights with Speaker,Self Balancing Hoverboard for Adults

Sep 29,2020 08:38:37 UTC

Product Description




Tomoloo hoverboard Q3-C

All Tomoloo self balancing hover boards comply with Amazon platform sales requirements for personal electronic transfer devices and US import regulations for electric scooter for kids and adults, our smart self balance boards are UL2272 certified, and batteries are UL2271 certified.


The Future is Now —— Black hoverboard for boys with bluetooth 6.5″ Hoverboard with Flash Wheel Lights

Hoverboards cool design have become some of the most popular new motorized toys on the market. This inventory of Kids hoverboard includes top of the line models from trusted names Tomoloo, precisely tested by UL certification and inspected for safety and reliable operation.

Pairs with your mobile device to play stereo surround sound music while you ride and RGB LED colorful lighting switch freely, feel like surfing in the street with your dual motors scooter hoverboard.

for kidsfor kids

Every Kid should have a hoverboard after school!

Foot-controlled, seamless maneuvering for easy use

Hop on the slip resistant foot pads to issue commands using your feet! The internal sensors know where you want to go and powerful dual motors take you there! with dynamic equilibrium technology built into the smart balance scooter, you can control the amazing scooter hoverboard by just shifting of your weight.


【Safety】UL2272 Certified hoverboard and UL2271 Certified Lithium battery,battery tested up to 1,000 charges comply with all U.S safety regulations. Owning invention patent, give quality and safe riding experience–Guaranteed quality and safety.
【Bluetooth & RGB LED】 The newest 4.2 Bluetooth Technology brings you a stereo surround sound music experience, awesome RGB LED design with color lights and music. Led lights will change the color as the volume change of the music, give you a colorful and freely experience.
【High-standard quality】 professional hoverboard, acceleration sensors and motherboard. The Most Advanced Mainboard Program Ensures stability of users’ riding experience and help you to go wherever you want to go.
【Self-balancing 】 self-balancing electric which is safe for beginners and amateurs. With or without a rider on it, It will stay level with the ground which makes it easier to ride.
【Warranty】 TOMOLOO hoverboard meets all safety requirements. Any issue just doesn’t hesitate to contact us. We have a special staff to answer for you.