Verreal Mini Single Hub Motor Electric Skateboard & Longboard W/Remote Control Motorized Skateboards Safe Brake Top Speed 30KMPH Range Over 20KM Powered by 4.0Ah High Rate Battery

Jul 22,2020 23:18:48 UTC

Why Choose Verreal Mini Electric Skateboards?
1, More Powerful Motor: Unlike others’ 70mm or 75mm motor, Verreal Mini adopts a 90mm premium hub motor. Big Motor brings so much more power. This is the most important part for a single-motor board. More power, more fun.
2, Much Faster: Verreal Mini can reach a top speed of over 30 kilometers per hour while others between 15-20 kilometers per hour. The slower, The less thrill.
3, Much Better Battery: Unlike others’ crappy battery, our board is installed with a 10C high rate battery. It discharges a max continuous current of 40A, which is well above what is required for the single motor. This ensures the least battery sag for the board. The 144 watts capacity also gets you a long range of 20 kilometers.
4, Portable: Verreal Mini weighs only 6kgs. Very easy to carry around.
5, Kicktail: With that in place, riders can make a turning so much more easiliy.

Product Specs:
1, Hub Motors: Single, 90mm Diameter, 54mm Wheel Contact, Rated Power 250W, Max Power 500watts, Max Torque 4N.M, Rotational Speed: 2600 Rounds Per Minute
2, ESC/Motherboard Works With A Sinusoidal Wave Drive And The Hall Sensor To Ensure A Smooth And Steady Ride
3, 4.0Ah High Rate Battery: 10C Discharge Rate, 40A Continuous Current, Providing enormous power to the motor and Reducing the battery sag to the lowest point.
4, Adaptor & Charger: Input: 100~240V-50/60Hz 1.8A; Output: 42V 1.5A/2A, UL Certified; IP20, UK standard
5. Riding Performance:
1), Range: Standard Battery: 20 Kilometers / 12.4 Miles
2), Speeds: Top speed of over 30 kilometers per hour
3), Note: The Above Data Was Measured By A 150 Pounds Rider. Actual Riding Performance Varies According To Rider’s Weight, Terrain, Wind And Battery Level.

POWERFUL&DURABLE MOTOR: 90mm Diameter, 52mm Wheel Contact, Peak Wattage of 500 Watts. Torque of 4 N.M. Our Motors Are Built to Last. We Have Ridden Thousand Of Miles on It and It Still Goes Like Brand New.
HIGH RATE 4AH BATTERY: 10C Discharge Rate, 40A Continuous Current, Providing Massive Power to Motor and Ensuring Least Battery Sag.
LONG RANGE: A 4AH 144Watts High Rate Battery Will Get You 20 Kilometers’ Range.
KICKTAIL: With A Kicktail in Place, You No Longer Need Get Off the Board and Turn. You Can Use the Kicktail to Make A Turning Easily.
LIGHTWEIGHT: As Light As 6 KGs, This is A Very Portable Board. Saves You Lots Of Troubles Carrying It Around.