W Wallke X3 Pro26-inch Upgrade The Frame Fat Tire Electric Bicycle 48V14AH Battery Adult Auxiliary Bike 750W Mountain Snow E-Bike

W Wallke X3 Pro26-inch Upgrade The Frame Fat Tire Electric Bicycle 48V14AH Battery Adult Auxiliary Bike 750W Mountain Snow E-Bike

Jul 31,2020 14:38:36 UTC

Electronic parameters:
dashboard: color meter display with USB socket
Battery brand: Samsung lithium battery
Battery capacity: 48V 14Ah
Motor parameters: 48V 750W brushless motor
Motor brand: Lishui
Cable: Waterproof connector for the whole car
Led headlights
Dial accelerator

Product parameters:
Front fork material: aluminum alloy Shock absorber type:Air pressure damper
Brake system: double disc hydraulic brake
Transmission system: 8-speed shifting system
Frame type: folding type
Frame material: aluminum alloy
Tire brand: CST
Tire size: 26 inches 4.0 Fat tire
Seat material: Silicone seat
Aluminum folding pedals Foot pedal material´╝ÜAluminum alloy
Crank material: all aluminum alloy
Aluminum alloy center shock absorber

Refund policy:
1. Within one month after you purchase the product,
if there is any problem with the quality of the product, we will provide you with an unconditional free return refund.
2. Return goods for other reasons within one month after purchase.
You need to ensure that the second sale of the goods is not affected, and you need to bear the freight charges.
3. When returning, you need to make sure that the original packaging of the product is used and there are no missing parts.
Otherwise, when we receive the returned product,
part of the funds will be deducted according to the loss of the goods (deduction will be explained to you in advance).

Warranty Policy:
1. Controller and charger warranty for 6 months, battery and motor warranty for 10 months,
natural damage or quality problems during warranty period, we will send you accessories for free (excluding man-made damage)
2. After purchasing the product beyond the warranty period, if you need spare parts,
you can purchase at a preferential price, please contact customer service.

Equipped With:750W Power Brushless Motor The Maximum Speed Can Reach 24.8MPH 48V14Ah Large Capacity Samsung Lithium Battery Charging Time is 5-7 hours (Using level 1 The electric speed is about 12.8MPH The Cruising Range is about 50-55 miles pure electric) (Using level 2 The electric speed the speed is about 17.5MPH the cruising range is about 40-45 miles pure electric) (Using level 3 The electric speed the driving speed is about 24.8MPH Cruising Range is About 30-35 miles pure electric power)
Made of 100% aluminum alloy, streamlined design: the body is made of all-aluminum alloy, including foldable pedals, cranks, leather handles, silicone seats for a great riding experience, Shimano 8-speed shifting To meet your various cycling needs!
Configuration: color screen display, high-end color LCD screen is large, allowing you to clearly see the remaining energy, as well as the distance traveled, the dashboard has a USB port to charge mobile devices
All-aluminum suspension front fork, front air shock absorber combined with center shock absorber, longer service life, better shock absorption, when you ride in the hills, give you the best off-road experience!
Equipped with: Double-disc hydraulic brake system, the quality is several times that of ordinary brakes on the market. When you ride on a mountain, snow, rain or muddy road, you know that the importance of hydraulic brakes is more secure for your riding safety.