what to look for when buying an electric skateboard

What to look for when buying an electric skateboard

If you are used to normal skateboards then you might be thinking about getting an electric one. 

But do you know what to look for when buying an electric skateboard? You’ll need to consider quality, price, reliability, battery life, motor, controls, wheels, charger among other things to make sure that you get the best electric skateboard for your money.

what to look for when buying an electric skateboard

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Why do you need an electric skateboard?

One thing to think about is just why you want to get an electric skateboard. Maybe you’ve used a skateboard before and you just want to have the benefit of an onboard motor to help with hills or to make life easier.

Or you just want to enjoy being propelled along, or maybe you are a beginner and the idea of a powered board is exciting.

Whatever the reason it is worth giving it some thought before you decide, would an electric bike be more suitable for you if you are travelling long distances?

what to look for when buying an electric skateboard

What to look for when buying an electric skateboard

There are several things to look at when you are buying an electric skateboard:

  • Batteries – Electric skateboards have been available for several years but it is only recently that battery technology has enabled board manufacturers to reduce size and weight. When you are shopping around find out what capacity the batteries have and how long they will last when charged. Removable batteries are best as you can often buy extras so that one can be charging while the other is in use.
  • Motor – The engines on electric skateboards come in different sizes, from 400W up to 2000W. The larger the wattage the greater the power.  A 400W motor will be fine on flat surfaces but will struggle up hills whereas a 2000W motor will take you anywhere.
  • Controls – All electric skateboards have wireless controllers. They provide you with various readouts from the board such as battery levels.
  • Wheels – Electric skateboards use longboard wheels which make it possible to drive across lots of different surfaces. You should check the duro of the wheel, the lower the number the softer the wheel. Low numbers mean better grip but shorter life whereas hard wheels mean longer life but a more bumpy ride.
  • Charger – The power of your battery charger matters. Some will charge a battery quickly in less than an hour whereas others are not as good. Most electric skateboards do not come with car chargers, so, if you are on holiday for example, you might want to get a car charger for your board.

What can I use an electric skateboard for?

Most people skateboard for fun. An electric skateboard will function in the same way as a regular board, it is just that it will be slightly heavier due to the motor and batteries, so you’ll have to adapt your riding style to suit.

Some owners use electric boards for commuting, as an alternative to the car or bus and, if you live in a city or within a few miles of your workplace, then an electric skateboard could be a good money saving idea.

You won’t be spending money on fuel or fares and it will be quicker than walking.

Are electric skateboards safe?

An electric skateboard is no more or less dangerous than a normal skateboard. The usual precautions around wearing protective gear should be followed in case you fall off.

Electric boards have brakes to slow them and come with handheld controllers to assist the rider.

When you get an electric skateboard it is always a good idea to familiarise yourself with the board by riding in a safe area away from other people or vehicles before you go out onto the streets.

Can you push an electric skateboard?

Yes you can push an electric skateboard but it will depend on the type of motor as to how much resistance you will feel.

Hub motors are normally pretty free spinning so these will not add much, if any. drag. Other motors may not turn quite as freely – you should check before you buy the board if you do want to push it.

Most manufacturers say that you should not push the board if there is no battery connected as it can potentially damage the onboard electronics but running with a flat battery is no problem.

More frequently asked questions

If the board and battery are maintained properly then a Li-Ion Battery (Standard Battery) will last for 300-1000 charge cycles before reaching 80% of it’s capacity (the international standard to rating cycle life). That means if you use your electric skateboard daily the battery will last for about 1-3 years.

An electric skateboard is everything about speed and not having to push. Hence, it is important to get your hands on a well-powered electric skateboard like this one: 1000W Electric Skateboard. Investing in a 1000-watts power electric skateboard would certainly be worth the investment

The question of whether you can ride an electric skateboard in the rain is simple. Yes, you can. … We don’t recommend riding in the rain for obvious safety reasons. Roads are extremely slippery when wet, especially for certain wheels

The Skatebolt Tornado Pro has a range of 18.6 miles. This is currently the highest range for electric skateboards. You can see the Skatebolt Tornado Pro here.

The Razor X Cruiser. 125 Watt motor, 10 MPH, wireless remote control. You can read more about this board here.


Electric skateboards are a useful form of electric transport for fun and for commuters.

As they become more popular, power and range will increase and prices will drop. They are a good option for people that do not wish to get an electric bike or who are unable to afford the price of electric bikes.