WWWNYY Adult Pedal Electric Motorcycle, Outdoor Travel Tool Light Weight Removabletwo-Group Removable Lithium Battery for Off-Road use

Jul 13,2020 16:54:30 UTC

Double-bar H-type front fork, using motorcycle technology to make it more sturdy and easy to play off-road, front and rear double shock absorption off-road conditions are no longer bumpy
Scooter night crystal display, power speed mileage at a glance, dual batteries are detachable, light weight, easy to take upstairs, no longer worry about charging
Imported LED super bright headlights, rainy day view is wide to ensure all kinds of weather travel, double seat + storage + backrest, and an adult scooter that practically meets the practical needs of different groups of people
Front and rear double disc brakes, standard electric car 160 disc brake system, using 160MM mechanical disc brakes before and after, so that you can ride safer, wear and heat, the key is the low failure rate for your safe riding.
High-performance battery, high-performance battery, long-lasting power, ensuring continuous, stable, safe energy supply, more durable