ZUEXT 11″ x 44″ Skateboard Grip Tape Sheet, Bubble Free Waterproof Black Scooter Grip Tape, Longboard Griptape, Sandpaper for Rollerboard, Stairs, Gun, Pedal, Pistol, Wheelchair, Steps (110x27cm)

Jul 17,2020 22:14:08 UTC

Overview About ZUEXT Pro Black Skateboard Griptape:
1. Awesome skateboard grip tape 11″ x 44″, can be cut to fit most Razor, Lucky, Micro, Phoenix, kick, electric, gas, kids, or adult scooter, no brand limit
2. Long durability, does not fade off with use
3. Easy to adhere (without air bubbles)
4. Land all your tricks with confidence with this trusted griptape
5. OS780 Material provides rock solid bonding to deck surface, effortless conformability, easy trimming without tearing, and superior durability for professional use.
6. Like a razor or any other£¬it is used for skateboards for extra grip so it would work really good for a scooter or a gun

How to use:
Step 1: Peel down the adhesive protective paper
Step 2: Stick the grip tape on the skateboard deck, use screwdrivers to cut several lines
Step 3: Curve off the extra griptape outside the deck in 45-degree angle
Step 4: Use screwdrivers to press the deck edges then fits the griptape
(More details pls refer to product photos)

Package Includes:
1x ZUEXT Skateboard Griptape Black 11″ x 44″(Comes in rolled package bag)

Clean Trim to Fit: Waterproof, Tear-proof backing that trims cleanly every time. Size 11″ x 44″(110x27cm) widely cut to fit most Razor, Lucky, Micro, Phoenix, kick, electric, gas, kids, or adult scooter and skateboards.
Bubble Free: ZUEXT Grip tape with hundreds of barely-visible perforations that allow air to escape for a bubble-free application.
Timeproof High-strength Quality: Thick up to 1.5mm. Exclusive Silicon-Carbide grit binding process for grip that will not wear out.Super sticky adhesive that won’t peel in extreme heat or cold.
Pro Grade Grip Tape: Best adhesion and grip designed for scooter and skateboard riders of all levels. Improves rider’s grip which leads to better tricks and greater safety.
One-by-One Rolled by Hand to Prevent Creases: Grip tape sold by ZUEXT are carefully rolled then put in individual package. Most Grip tapes are flat packed in cheap plastic bags so they get creased during shipping.